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Call 206.545.3564 to schedule private drum/percussion lessons with Ed Hartman.

Ed Hartman's teaching studio is equipped with a drumset, marimba, vibraphone, timpani, congas and an assortment of small percussion.

With students, Ed plays along on keyboards to create a “live band” accompaniment for practical application and each lesson is video-recorded as a reference tool for the student. Music styles include rock, jazz, classical, Latin, African, Caribbean and World Beat. Lessons incorporate a variety of methods dealing with technique, reading, improvisation, coordination and theory.

Ed Hartman has recorded and performed with Eric Tingstad & Nancy Rumbel, Tickle Tune Typhoon, Elipsis and his own band, The Olympic Marimba Band. 

For more information about Ed Hartman, visit:


Ed Hartman - YAMAHA Performing Artist, Composer & owner of The Drum Exchange. Ed offers lessons on drumset, hand drums (conga, bongos), marimba, vibraphone, timpani and a variety of hand percussion.

Vance Nurkala has a teaching studio is setup with a 6-piece drumset, sound board, P.A. system and computer with digital recording software. Vance also performs with students on keyboard and electric guitar; creating a fun musical environment in which to learn. Lessons are geared toward each student’s individual interests and needs.

In addition to learning the basic fundamentals of technique, coordination, reading and improvisation needed for playing the drums, he also teaches about basic care and tuning of drums, how to play different styles of music and much more! For more information about Vance’s percussion lessons call him directly at 206.972.3786 and visit: drummingwithvance.com

Vance Nurkala has been playing drums and percussion for 30 years and has performed in a wide variety of musical groups including: Crybaby, Chill Factor, Stranger By The Minute, iCandi, Idol Eyez, ML3 and Charlie Drown. Currently, Vance is the drummer with Hysteria.

Vance Nurkala teaches lessons in his “Studio V” located within The Drum Exchange.

To reach Vance, call: 206.972.3786.


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