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The Drum Exchange offers drum and percussion equipment rental for short-term use (see list below).

Recording Projects:

We also offer Remote Recording services through our fully-equipped studio. You send us tracks, and we send back recorded parts. This can be quite a bit less expensive than renting equipment, and you get a professional percussionist as well.

Terms and Conditions:

You will need a credit card number for deposit on any rental instrument. You can pay for the rental charge by cash, check, credit card, etc. All rentals are paid in full at the beginning of the rental period. Any damage or loss to rental equipment is the responsibility of the customer.


     •      Depends on the length of rental. Most rentals are for one day or a weekend.

     •      Type of equipment. A maraca may rent for $5 and marimba for $250+

     •      Value of equipment. Some of the equipment listed is worth over $10,000.

     •      Delivery: We can deliver for a fee or pick-up instrument(s) from our store location.


Below is a current list of items available for rent from The Drum Exchange. We can email photos of any equipment. If we don't have what you're looking for, we may be able to find another resource.

     •     Agogo Bells (various styles and sizes available).

     •     Afuche/Cabasa.

     •     Bass Drum (concert/orchestral with mallets). Ludwig WFL 27 1/2" vintage drum with calf head. One head is painted.

     •     Bells (concert) Wurlitzer/Deagan 2.5 octave.

     •     Bongos on stand.

     •     Chimes (orchestral/concert) on stand.

     •     Chime Tree with stand. Different sizes available.

     •     Concert Toms on stand (YAMAHA 6 & 8, 10 & 12").

     •     Conga with stands (Meinl Quinto 11").

     •     Congas with stands (LP Matador).

     •     Crotales Zildjian 1 octave (low octave, tuned cymbals).

     •     Cuica (metal or wood shell, skin head).

     •     Cymbal stand (various types).

     •     Cymbals (Zildjian, Sabian: 12"-20" ride, crash, hi-hats).

     •     Djembe (13”traditional African wood shell with goatskin head).

     •     Djembe (REMO Leon Mobley Series) 14” key-tuned, synthetic head & stand.

     •     Drumset: YAMAHA Recording Series 4-piece (12” tom, 14” floor tom, 14” wood snare drum, 20” bass drum) with hardware and cymbals.

     •     Drumset: TAMA Swingstar 5-piece (12” & 13” toms, 16” floor tom, 14” chrome snare drum, 22” bass drum) with hardware and cymbals.

     •     Doumbek (various styles and sizes).

     •     Gong with mallet (Chinese 30" or Sabian 27") with stand.

     •     Guiro (different sizes available).

     •     Lion's Roar Yamaha 18” tom with rope attached to head.

     •     Cow-bells.

     •     Mallets (for Timpani).

     •     Mallets (for marimba , vibraphone, xylophone).

     •     Maracas

     •     Marching Snare Drum with strap (Ludwig 14").

     •     Marimba (YM4900 4.5 octave) with rosewood bars (low F).

     •     Shakers (various types and sizes available).

     •     Sleigh Bells

     •     Snare Drum on stand (wood or metal - 13” or 14").

     •     Sound Effects (whistles, siren, ratchet, vibra-slap, sand-blocks, etc.).

     •     Talking Drum

     •     Tamborim (Brazilian hand drum).

     •     Tambourine

     •     Temple Blocks on stand

     •     Throne (various types and sizes available).

     •     Timbales on stand (Dixon 14" & 15").

     •     Timpani Ludwig 26" and 29" fiberglass, or Ludwig WFL 26” & 28" Copper (note: reverse pedal action).

     •     Triangle

     •     Vibraphone YAMAHA (YV3710) 3 octave.

     •     Wood Block or Jam Block.

     •     Xylophone (Deagan "Pit" model in a case with stand, no resonators).


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