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Snares, Toms & Bass Drums


New Snare Drums

Peace 6 lug, 14” x 5.5” Chrome Snare Drum. SALE: $79.95

Vintage Leedy Wood Snare date stamped "1945"

6.5” x 14” 8-lug. Sale: $224.00

Vintage Snare Drum (early 1900) 14” with calf heads.

Sale: $149.95

Vintage Rogers Dynasonic 14” Snare Drum. Serial No. 31777. Sale: $199.00

Rare Vintage Rogers Princeton 14” wood snare drum.

Sale: $199.00


Vintage & Used Snare Drums


Misc. Toms & Bass Drums (not all are shown).

TAMA Swingstar 22” Bass Drum (used).  Sale: $99.95

Cannon SD6508 Chrome Snare Drum 6.5" x 14"

SALE: $109.95

Dixon 6-Ply Maple Snare Drum

10-lug, 14” x 5.5” SALE: $179.95

Vintage Slingerland Black Marine Pearl 14" Snare Drum (1960s) with Ludwig throwoff. Sale: $229.95


Vintage WFL Champion Parade Snare Drum. 10" x 14" mahogany shell (1950s). Sale: $224.00

Pearl Sessions Birch/Kapur Snare Drum, 10-lug, 14” x 5.5”

Sale: $219.00

Pearl Sessions Birch/Kapur Snare Drum, 10-lug, 14” x 6.5”

Sale: $239.00

Pearl Masters Maple Snare Drum, 10-lug, 14” x 5.5” - Sale: $309.00

Gretsch S1-6514-ASHSN 7-Ply Ash Snare Drum

8-lug, 14” x 6.5” SALE: $209.95

Gretsch Brooklyn Metal Chrome Snare Drum. 8-lug, 14” x 5.5” & heavy-duty! SALE: $269.95

Pearl Short Fuse Snare Drum 4.5" x 10" (includes mount that attaches to stand). SALE: $84.95

Vintage Fibes Acrylic Crystalite Smokey Grey 13 x 9 Tom.

Sale: $199.95

Vintage Premier 12 x 11 Power Tom (made in England, black interior).

Sale: $69.95

Just in!

Pearl Export EXX Floor Tom 18"x16" with 6-ply Poplar &  Asian Mahogany Blend Shell

Sale: $199.00

Pacific 805 Snare Drum (mountable 10" x 8"). Sale: $69.95

LP Trash Snare Drum. This drum is acutally new but we made some modifications and lowered the price!  We changed the 14" head to a new Remo Suede Ambassador for more varied sounds. Can be played on a snare stand or handheld.

Sale: $59.95

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